With the founding of the company by Kurt Bodinger in the year 2000, IP Austria started the first Austrian development project for a packet-switching telephone network, which they successfully brought to market in 2002.

As the quality of IP telephony is in direct correlation to the quality of broadband connection, we have laid the foundation for our success story with the development of a “Unified Communication Network” optimised for IP telephony. With this broadband network, we are able to offer the Austrian economy high-quality, sophisticated and internationally competitive communication services.

We are a team of IT and telecommunications specialists who promote processes and developments which repeatedly lead the market.


It is not always easy to find the right contact person. But when we are already providing good contacts and efficiency, as regards availability, we would like you to be able to reach your desired contact person rapidly and without bureaucracy.

We have listed the most important departments for you with the direct contact options.

Kurt Bodinger
Kurt BodingerPartner Expert Team
“Our goal is to understand customers and partners, then we have already done a lot right…”
Richard Polasek
Richard PolasekPartner Expert Team
“Technically, many things are possible, commercially a great deal, let’s discuss it…”
Antonia Pleyer
Antonia PleyerPartner Expert Team
“Customised solutions are our strength, even when these take a while longer…”
Hans Stagl
Hans StaglPartner Expert Team
“The more specifically problems are described, the more rapidly they can then be solved…”
Thomas Baumgartner
Thomas BaumgartnerPartner Expert Team
“There is nothing better than a well-established network of partners and customers to grow into…”