The IP telephone connection for all ISDN telephone systems

You have an old ISDN telephone system and would finally like to benefit from a modern IP telephone connection for your telephone system? Then with IP Austria you have exactly the right partner because our IP telephone network is best suited to the connection from ISDN telephone systems.

With it, you can use all of the advantages of the new IP telephone network and leave the internal ISDN-infrastructure untouched. Through the SIP DDI ISDN connection from IP Austria, you have the highest possible investment protection for your infrastructure. We at IP Austria even have a solution at the ready for hotel systems with pulse counting.

Through the transition of your ISDN-telephone system to an IP telephone connection, you can profit not only from the good value integration of premium rate and free phone numbers, numbers for private networks and telephone numbers from 54 countries, but also through good value flat rates for frequently used networks and free internal network calls.

  • Retain the internal ISDN infrastructure
  • The highest possible investment protection for your infrastructure
  • Use of all advantages of the IP telephone network
  • Also suitable for hotel systems with pulse counting
  • Good value integration of premium rate and free phone numbers and numbers for private networks (05)
  • Telephone numbers available from 54 countries
  • System networking
  • Good value flat rates
  • Free internal network calls


ipa-isdn-telefonanlagen-routerOur ISDN SIP DDI gateways are delivered by us pre-programmed, the installation is therefore very easy.

The connection from your ISDN connection to the telephone system is easily “redirected” via the gateway and the gateway connected to the internet.

Thereby, every ISDN telephone system is connected to the new IP telephone network.