The telephone connection for all telephones, software clients and apps with SIP standard

Are you still looking for the right SIP provider from Austria, which can also keep pace internationally without problems? Then at IP Austria you have arrived at exactly the right provider for SIP standard!

What is the SIP standard and what does it mean for my company?

The signalling protocol SIP is a worldwide unified “signalling language” with which all SIP devices can understand each other. Therefore, every SIP device or SIP software also functions with our IP telephone connection.

A SIP connection offers many different advantages for your company. You can install your telephone connection directly via the internet and subsequently use the full scope of services of your SIP devices. Among other things, you can retain your telephone number and have any number of calls taking place on one line. You can flexibly assign each of your staff numbers and also use different types of call forwarding and services such as hold calls, toggle calls, transfer calls and switch from phone calls to conference calls.

With our SIP connection IP Austria offers not only a Mailbox System Pro with integrated email delivery of messages, but also a user web interface, through which you can manage your SIP devices.

Ask IP Austria about your SIP connection today without obligation and save, not only through good value flat rates and free internal network calls, but also through the newly gained flexibility and performance in your company!

  • Telephone connection via internet
  • Retain the existing telephone number
  • Any number of simultaneous calls via one line
  • Holding, toggling, forwarding, conference calls
  • Different types of call forwarding
  • Mailbox System Pro including email delivery of messages
  • Caller identification
  • User web interface
  • Online billing
  • Good value flat rates
  • Free internal network calls


sip-standardIP telephones enable the use of multiple telephone numbers, the use of bluetooth headsets, via a large colour display as well as CTI integration with PC software (e.g.: Outlook).

The programming and use of the telephone on the computer as well as the integration of a door camera, a simple LAN connection without extra cabling and of course wifi connection leave nothing to be desired.

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