More bandwidth for Lech and Zürs – In the past few months, the regional internet service provider Zü ( and the telecommunications specialist IP Austria ( have been supporting an important project for the region in the Vorarlberg municipalities Zürs and Lech for: the transition from ISDN to broadband telephony.

With the transition now completed, according to the project participants, the long-standing demand from the tourist region for more bandwidth, as well as modern telephone services, has been fulfilled.

Bandwidth is an important factor, especially in tourism regions such as Zürs/Lech, to bring guests to the region and keep them. But in many Austrian municipalities, bandwidth is a limited commodity, only a few can meet the growing demand for streaming services and video telephony. Often simply because the broadband expansion in the region is not sufficiently advanced, as it has been in the past in the region Zürs/Lech. Hence, the tourist region had already been demanding more bandwidth and modern telephone services for a long time, as David Eggler, director of Zü GmbH, explains.
“Especially in the evenings, the demand for bandwidth from guests increases immensely.”

  • Money used to be earned with the telephone in the hotel room, however, today the telephone is “just a cost factor” for many hoteliers. For this reason, Zü decided to build its own regional telephone network. In the scope of this – in parallel with the building of the new district heating system – high-quality fibre-optic cables were laid, which now form the basis for professional broadband and telephone services. The resulting flexibility of the new network, together with the diverse possibilities of a new technology, have already convinced numerous hosts. A further advantage of the new network: From now on, even in the skiing region, guests no longer have to go without internet.
  • The project was, emphasised those responsible, extremely demanding. The transition of the existing and above all, very old, telephone systems from ISDN to VoIP, made this project one of the most demanding large-scale transitions undertaken in Austria, as Kurt Bodinger from IP Austria stressed. “When I read about the problems with the transition in Germany, here we have managed to implement the project very well, with the expertise of IP Austria as a technology partner”, elaborates Zü GmbH director David Eggler.
  • The new network stands out through a multitude of advantages and possibilities, David Eggler is pleased to say. “With the new telephone network, we can now also offer virtual telephone systems and above all, converging services with the mobile networks. With our regional service, we are nearer to customers and can react more rapidly – which during the season is a significant advantage, of course!”
  • A further significant advantage of the new communications network is considerably more flexible tariff models: The flexible billing of the new telephone network enables individual and customised tariff models for the hospitality industry and seasonal businesses. A main demand from businesses for cost-saving options was thereby implemented, stresses Zü director David Eggler finally.